Churchill’s Trial

No statesman shaped the twentieth century more than Winston Churchill –Larry P. Arnn, Churchill’s Trial

Winston Churchill’s dedication to constitutionalism defines statesmanship at its best.  The book by Larry P. Arnn, Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government, delves into the political life and impact of Churchill.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: War
  • Part 2: Empire
  • Part 3: Peace

These three sections center around the three challenges to liberty that Churchill faced – Nazism, Soviet communism, and the slide toward socialism.  Reading through the book, I found it timely for our own nation, America, today.

The book is well researched with lots of footnotes for reference. The book does not read like a fantasmical adventure novel, or show like a docudrama.  What is provided is a historical record of how Winston Churchill saved free government. What is presented here is a biographical picture of Winston Churchill that is not commonly seen, it is the picture of a post-war Winston Churchill.

For the history or government reading buff, this book is highly recommended, and should be an essential part of your collection for the time period.  If, however, you are looking for a light, entertaining account of the life of Winston Churchill, this is not it.



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