Understanding Theology


Often times theology, or its presentation, can seem confusing or complex. Tim Challies and Josh Byers book, Visual Theology: Seeing and Understanding the Truth About God, changes that.  Utilizing a mixture of text and infographics, Visual Theology provides clear and concise theological education.

The book is divided into four sections:

  1. Grow Close to Christ
  2. Understand the Work of Christ
  3. Become Like Christ
  4. Live for Christ

Each of these sections deal with core concepts of Christianity, God, and our relationship with Him.  It starts at the beginning – where all good books start – with entering into, and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The book then moves into the ‘facts’ of the Christian faith. These facts – creation, fall, redemption, new creation – and doctrine provide an understanding of what God has done, and is doing.  It is through the knowledge of these facts that we are encouraged to grow in our knowledge of Him and be partakers with Him in what He is doing in our world.

To know God is to be transformed to His image. Visual Theology contrasts the behaviors, thinking, and ways that we need to put off with the habits, patterns, and passions that Christians are to put on.

The final sections of the book provide practical guidance and direction for daily living. The authors address three critical components of life – vocation, relationships, and stewardship.

This book provides a clarity and visual presentation of theology. Scattered throughout the books pages are suggestion and references for deeper reading and understanding of the concepts being presented.  This is a great resource for the new believer to learn the tenets of the faith.

It’s sections and content layout could serve as a valuable teaching and resource guide. This is a book that should be re-read periodically and referenced often. Visual Theology is a book that should be on every believers bookshelf.


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